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Speakers from Harmonic Design

Engineered and Made In Germany

Harmonic Design products are designed, developed and handcrafted in Neckarwestheim in South Germany

Over 40 Year Experience

Since its founding in 1980, Harmonic Design has been developing, manufacturing and selling innovative speaker systems and acoustic services.

hd Columns

Columns 40 to 2400watt 2", 3" & 3.5" drives

hd HLS series

Hybrid Line Source technology

hd Subs

3.5" to 18" Passive & Active

hd Collaboration-Solution

Sound Bars

hd CXN series

Nearfield Coaxial

hd MP series

Multi Purpose

hd LAS series

12" Line Array

Harmonic Design No3 Line Array speaker

hd No3 series

Compact Line Array

Harmonic Design speakers
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