Sound Box Building Acoustic System Engineering

A good acoustic environment for sports stadium, music theatre, conference room, exhibition hall, temple, a church, based on scientific design.
Professional acoustic products with precise construction management.
Soundbox system focuses on quality and efficiency, all acoustic data comes from their lab & items are tested for eco-friendliness, fire resistance & safety.
Patented, easy to install structure saves time.

Soundbox have 3 product ranges

Sound Box Building Acoustic Systems

Product range for

  • Stadiums & schools
  • Theatre & auditorium
  • Church & Conference
  • Cinema
  • Entertainment

How Easy Civil/Commercial Building Acoustic Systems

Product ranges for

  • HiFi Home Theatre
  • Conference Rooms
  • Recording Studio
  • Listening Rooms

Off Industrial Building Acoustic Noise Reduction Systems

Product ranges for

  • Industrial Machine Rooms
  • Railway, Ships
  •  Residential, Hotels
  • Bar, Night Clubs and Recording Studios

Some of Soundbox products

Attenuation Door Open & Closed
Fabric Acoustic Panel
Captain Cook Hotel
Eco Wood Sound Diffuser
Eco Macic Block Acoustic PAnel
Fabric AcoustiEQ50T Walleaser
EQ250 Walleaser Magic Cube
C350W / C300W Corner Basstrap
Anechoic Wedge
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